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Capital Event Management (CEM) did an excellent job organizing the Whistler Capital Conference, certainly an event we will attend in the future. It's an innovative and smaller venue, preferred by the funds and advisors who attended in comparison to larger conferences. In one day, we met with 20 different quality funds, all new to the NOVAGOLD story. This was an efficient and productive use of our resources.

I had the opportunity to attend the Bahamas and Kelowna conferences with Capital Event Management in 2014. I was very impressed with the format and the quality of companies who were showcased during the event. I have purchased stock in several companies featured at the events and completed a large financing for one as well. I plan on attending many more in the future.

Thank you for a productive and well-organized event over the weekend. Great format and an easy way to meet qualified brokers and funds. I will be signing up again next year!

Far and away the best conference format going today. The opportunity to individually meet and network with a broad range of public companies and industry professionals is unparalleled. Dynamic, fun and innovative. Top marks to the Capital Event Management team for developing the evolution of the investment conference.

These conferences are evolutionary in terms of packaging a tremendous amount of value into a limited amount of time. In a market environment where investor communication funds need to be prudently spent, the 'short meeting' format shows a real return on investment for us. We meet more qualified, accredited, interested investors in one day through Capital Events than we could do in a week on the road on our own. These precise, well organized, efficient, valuable conferences are a "must add" to any company's investor communication plan.

One of the most organized professional conferences I have had the pleasure to be a part of. The group did a great job by inviting qualified companies and professionals; Be ready, Be organized and DO YOUR HOMEWORK… If you take the time to prepare, the event will exceed your expectations.

We have done several CEM conferences. The accommodations and events are always top notch. We presented at eighteen meetings in one day and now we have eighteen new investment advisors monitoring and or participating in our company's progress, that's value. We see this evolving into the new trend of investor conferences and CEM is leading the way. The 2014 CEM tour is included in our IR budget.

I thought the conference was well organized. 20min with 20 companies is just enough time to learn about a company and whether or not a second, longer, follow up conversation is warranted. The one-on-one meetings allow you to direct the conversation where you want it to go and get your questions answered. It was also a pleasure networking with other industry professionals.

I just wanted to congratulate you on an amazing event. Everything was 1st class and the energy and chemistry were extremely positive. All the companies were exciting stories and I felt the investors came away with many new investment ideas.

Capital Event Management delivered a first-class opportunity to connect with qualified financial professionals in a very enjoyable setting. I highly recommend this conference to any company that is looking to broaden their awareness amongst significant fund managers and brokers.

Thanks very much for a very productive and well-organized event over the weekend. This was definitely an efficient use of our time!

In my view, the Okanagan Capital Conference was a great success. I was impressed by the quality of the presenting companies, loved the format, and was so pleased to see the evidence of growing interest in non-resource small and microcap companies. For a conference like this, one of the most important litmus tests of success is whether some of the presenting companies were able to raise capital as a direct result of their attendance at the company; I am aware of at least 3 companies who have experienced this success, including 2 that I invested in following the conference.

Capital Event Management delivered a first-class opportunity to connect with qualified financial professionals in a very enjoyable setting. I highly recommend this conference to any company that is looking to broaden their awareness amongst significant fund managers and brokers.

Extremely well organized; in such a tough environment I think the dynamic format kept all participants engaged and the time spent was worthwhile. Generally the quality of companies attending was excellent and the presentations were good overall. I was pleasantly surprised by who attended on both company side and financing side.

I found the conference a very rewarding investment of my time. The format was a very efficient "get to the point" and move on. I have several companies to follow up and add to my list of resource holdings - the company line up was impressive. I appreciate this speed dating style and highly recommend it to advisors interested in introductions to the resource market. The conference was well organized at a fabulous resort setting; Great job - Thank you for the opportunity.

The weekend is a first class event in every respect. Each and every member of the Capital Event Management team was helpful and well organized. The presenting companies were very interesting and I would encourage anyone in the investment community to attend.

Once again, Capital Event Management has created a premium environment for junior companies to engage top tier brokers and fund managers. We will continue to recommend and attend these Capital Conferences.

The AlphaNorth Capital Conference was a great success. The turnout was very impressive especially considering it was the first year. There was a wide array of various companies from innovative IP to proven revenue companies. The one stop shop opportunity of meeting over 20+ companies is effective and the social events around the presentation day provides an opportunity to begin a longer due diligence process. The ability to meet with my colleagues who came from Europe, Bahamas, West Coast and East Coast of Canada is an additional bonus. I look forward to next year.

The Whistler Capital Conference we attended was well worth the expense. One-on-one meetings with 16 quality brokers and wealth managers over the course of a day, as well as the exceptional social events; was worth two or three days on the road… and they came to us! Well done Capital Event Management. See you at your next event.

This is by far the best financing conference we have ever attended. The unique format balances the need for quality exchanges between companies and financiers while at the same time allowing both groups to be exposed to a large number of opportunities. It is definitely an event we will attend again.

I was glad to have been included. I thought the conference set up was excellent. The one on one strategy for the meetings I thought provided more value than just talking to a room of 50 people.

It was rewarding for our Company to be selected as a small cap innovator and participate at the 1st Annual AlphaNorth Capital Conference in the Bahamas. It was great for our corporate visibility, there were more than twenty valuable face-to-face meetings with qualified brokers and funds looking for new investment ideas. The Capital Event Team are very professional and dedicated.